5 fun ways to use your RV this summer

This past Sunday we observed two very important summer holidays: Father’s Day and the first day of summer! Now that the days are longer and (hopefully) warmer, it’s time to start planning your summer vacations. Yes, vacations. Plural. Having a recreational vehicle means you don’t have to pay for hotel costs or expensive restaurants, which leaves more money for what you actually want to do—vacation! Here are five ways to use your camper on your next holiday:

Check out a sporting event, music festival or outdoor concert.


Even if you don’t have tickets, events like car races, baseball games, outdoor music festivals and concerts can be fun to watch from a distance. Of course there’s the tailgating before the event, but you’ll also be privy to any celebrations afterwards, like fireworks or concerts. And if you do have tickets, even better! Get to the location early to grab a premium spot and make sure to laugh at the suckers waiting in traffic afterwards.

Head North!


When people think of summer, they usually think of sun, sand, and SPF. But if you prefer (or don’t mind) a colder climate, summer is the perfect opportunity to point your RV northbound. By trading sunglasses for snow boots, you’ll be avoiding the long lines and high prices you’d expect during the normal peak season. You may even enjoy some discounts meant to entice smart travelers like yourself.

Get off the grid.


Find campground, set up camp, search for cell signal, text, email, text, text, email. You know the drill. Whether it’s you or the kids that need to be unplugged, your camper can be the ultimate rehab. Check campgrounds on Tripadvisor.com ahead of time to see what other reviewers have said. There’s a good chance that someone has left a comment about connectability. Find one where unplugging is mandatory and let the good times roll.

Find a body of water.


There is something to be said about a body of water. It can provide endless hours of entertainment for the kids and, at the same time, relaxation for Mom and Dad. It can also provide dinner, so make sure to bring your fishing gear if it’s allowed. This really is the perfect destination for a simple and easy summer vacation; whether it’s some far-away ocean or a nearby staycation-worthy lake.

Go stargazing.


This one is perfect for a weekend with clear skies. Use this light pollution map to find a place far enough away from the city so the stars will be the only thing visible in the night sky. Download this SkyView app before you go so spotting constellations is fun and easy. And don’t forget to unplug your CamperLite adapter before the skygazing session!

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