5 Reasons Camper LED’s Save You More Than Just Money

If there is one constant among 98% of the people in the world, it’s that they all want to save money. There might be a few exceptions, but for the most part, we are attracted to sales, bargains, and value for our hard-earned money. In some cases, we just want something that will work for awhile, but costs next to nothing. Unfortunately, when that work for awhile time frame ends, we could be left in the dark. With Camper LED’s, you take the guesswork out of the equation. They basically continue working, even if their output is reduced over time. And most importantly, they will save you a TON of money in the long run. But they do more than just save you money. Here are a few more things you should know about Camper LED’s that you may not have thought of:

Shedding Light on Camper LED’s

  1. You’re helping the environment. By using energy-efficient lighting, you have reduced the amount of energy required to light up your camper, trailer or RV by 90% compared to standard bulb lights. Consider this: It takes 25% of all the energy produced in the world just to light it up. All of the lights in the world use 25% of the power generated! Imagine reducing that output by 90%. That is a HUGE difference!
  2. LED’s don’t contain toxic substances. Whether you have kids at home or on the road, or the grandkids are coming along for a camping trip, you don’t want them exposed to any toxic chemicals. Compact fluorescent lamps contain mercury. So, if one breaks (it could be you or the kids responsible) it releases mercury into the environment. We won’t go into the details of mercury poisoning here, but if you aren’t aware, it’s very bad for you.
  3. LED lights burn 90% cooler than standard bulbs. This is an easy one to figure out. Fire danger. If you could reduce the risk of having a fire by 9x you would certainly do it, right? Plus, if for some reason you need to change the light, it won’t burn you since it remains cool, even in extreme weather conditions.
  4. They save time. When you consider that camper LED’s last up to six times as long as bulbs do, that’s six times less you have to spend replacing burned out lights. Plus, LED’s don’t typically burn out, rather they burn less effectively. But they still produce light, even in a diminished capacity.
  5. They work together. LED lights consume far less power, and in turn, don’t require much current in order to start up. Additionally, they all light up and distribute light equally without wasting power by “splashing” light everywhere. You turn the switch on and don’t have to wait for a few slow stragglers to light up along with the others. This can be a big help for uneven campsites were walking in the dark might be hazardous to your ankles.

So we’ve seen some reasons why camper LED’s are beneficial beyond just the monetary savings. Check out this easy way to light up all of your RV LED at once.

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