6 of the Best RV Accessories and Add-On’s

Sales of recreational vehicles and their accessories are on the rise according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). From a record recession low in 2009, figures have risen sharply to approximately 111% in 2014 and 2015 is also projected to see some record growth.

Owners of RV’s are often in the market to add some awesome additions to their home on wheels, and from the classic chick-flick “Steel Magnolias” comes this excellent quote to support this fact: “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Nowadays, many RV’s are often already loaded with many popular entertainment features, like big screen TV’s, DVD players and surround sound systems that often rival those found inside of our own non-mobile homes. While some of these RV additions may seem obvious, others don’t necessarily come to mind so quickly. So without any further adieu, here are the six best RV Accessories for your motor home or camper:


RV Accessories: An Awning For All

If your model didn’t come with this built-in shade device already installed (as many of them do), awnings are one of the most desired devices on a motor home. Some RV owners are also getting them placed on every window of their vehicle. They not only cut down on the heat in hotter climates, they also greatly reduce annoying glare from the sun.

Mobile & Self Aligning TV on the Go

Since we wouldn’t want to miss out on any of our favorite television shows while traveling on the road, another popular solution is a portable satellite dish that sets up almost anywhere. There’s actually three different types available:

  1. One that works when you’re stopped and parked that allows you to manually locate a signal.
  2. Another that is self-aligning with the push of a button when still.
  3. And finally, one that is completely automatic and auto-tracks while you’re actually driving or on the move.

Outdoor Entertainment Events

The folks over at “TV for My RV” showcase a video on YouTube that shares how you can turn your camper’s outdoor side storage unit into a fully functional entertainment system. If you don’t want to lose that added space, they also have different wall-mount options available for your interior.


Grill on the Go

For almost anyone who owns an RV, we all know that many campsites and RV parks have barbecues available for their guests, but some of them are pretty nasty, not to mention, inconveniently located, small and sometimes unavailable. Instead, you can have get a ‘tail-gater’ grill, or even a grill mounted on the rear bumper of your mobile home. That way you can throw a shrimp on the Barbie anytime and anywhere you’re parked, grilling to your heart’s desire.

Look Behind and Ahead

For anyone who has ever driven a motor home or other over-sized vehicle, one of the biggest blind-spots that we experience is our rear end. Although more automobiles are coming with back-up cameras already installed or available as an upgrade, many older RV’s didn’t come with this feature or it isn’t an option. Don’t worry, with a few hours of labor, and a few hundred dollars, you can install one yourself.

Don’t Let the Fun Stop When the Sun Sets

Last, but certainly not least, once it gets dark, that doesn’t mean the party is over, but in many cases, campfires and other outdoor lighting isn’t an option. With a CamperLite Trailer Harness you can light up your life by using your existing running lights to add brightness to your exterior. This small and inexpensive device allows you to use any available power from a connected energy source, like campground electricity or your camper’s battery, to illuminate your running lights at night.

For even more RV accessories and additions for camper enthusiasts, check out our previous post on 37 RV Hacks That Will Make You A Happy Camper. Or if you have any questions about adding the CamperLite Trailer Harness to your motor home, please contact ustoday – we’d be happy to help and address any kind of inquires that you may have.

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