8 Security Tips for Safer RV Living

When you first immerse yourself in the world of RV living, everything is exciting. The people you meet on the road are all fascinating and friendly, and the campsites are so comfortable they take you back to a bygone era where everyone knew their neighbors. Unfortunately, when you’re on the road and having adventures, it’s easy to let your guard down and become a victim of petty or even serious crimes.

While you, yourself, may love the freedom of the road for adventure, it’s also a lifestyle that attracts unsavory types as well, and the relative anonymity of RV living can attract criminals. Not everybody you encounter is as honest and law-abiding as you might be, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. As an RV owner or renter, you need to practice situational awareness and take a proactive approach to protecting yourself, your family and your property.

RV Living Security Tips

Here are 8 tips for improving your security on the road:

  1. Make friends at campgrounds, but make it a habit to lock up your RV. In general, campgrounds are safe areas that are family-friendly. Your fellow campers will look out for you and your stuff, but that doesn’t mean you can hold them responsible if somebody walks in and helps themselves to your belongings while you’re away. Close up blinds and drapes and keep your RV locked while you’re away. Get your family to practice this habit as well.
  2. Secure exterior storage compartments and windows. Thieves don’t mind working hard to grab your new stereo system or iPad. Don’t leave an opening they can access while you’re away.
  3. Use appropriate night lighting solutions to keep prowlers at bay. Our CamperLite lights come on when the sky gets dark, providing outdoor lighting that’s suitable for an impromptu patio gathering and bright enough to keep intruders away for fear of being seen.
  4. Don’t park your RV at a rest stop. Unfortunately, overnight stops at rest stops will expose you to criminal elements. It’s also usually not legal to park overnight at a stop, so you’ll risk ticketing as well.
  5. Try to schedule stops during trips during the daylight hours. Statistically, more robberies and other travel-related crimes occur in the cover of nightfall than during daylight hours. Our bodies and brains also need sleep during the normal cycles, so we can be more alert and able to spot suspicious behavior.
  6. Don’t leave expensive equipment laying out during the day, even if you’re at a campsite. This includes things like vehicle tow bars, hitches, bicycles and boating equipment. Keep it chained up, away from the elements, and preferably out of sight to avoid tempting thieves.
  7. Have an Emergency Roadside Service Plan, and keep it current. Keep a copy of your card with you in more than one place in case of emergencies. If you suffer the unthinkable, such as breakdown on the road, you’ll want to pull off in safe place. With your roadside plan, you’ll be able to call for help immediately, and stay with the RV until help arrives.
  8. Never leave your personal information lying around. Many of think of think about thieves targeting our valuable belonging such as digital devices, bicycles, and electronics, but many savvy criminals focus on the lucrative business of selling information. Never leave bills, insurance statement, or other financial and personal information laying out in the open. Invest in a secure, locked fire-proof box to hold your vital paperwork and make sure you keep it there, all in one place.

RV living is an enjoyable lifestyle, and in general, there’s not a lot of criminals lurking in the places it will take you. However, no matter where your adventures lead you, there’s a chance you’ll cross paths with a thief or two along the way. By following these tips, you can discourage them from targeting you, and hopefully send them on their way.

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