Advantages of Full-Time RV Living

According to a recent article in Business West, there has been a surge in RV sales recently. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) also reports that more than 365,000 RV shipments are expected for 2015. In the past, RV buyers were primarily senior citizens who wished to travel during their retirement years; however, more and more people in their 20s and 30s are investing in recreational vehicles these days. A good number of them plan to make RVs their full-time home because they have realized that there are a number of benefits to doing so.

#1. More Cost Effective

With many manufacturers now extending payments for up to 20 years, people are finding RVs more affordable than ever. RVs can also save you money in the way of lower energy bills and reduced maintenance. These savings are very important for those who have found themselves downsized out of a job and forced to work for far less money than they were making previously. Recent college graduates are also taking advantage of the opportunity to save while they pay down their student loan debts.

#2. Their Mobility Makes it Easy to Relocate

An uncertain economy has caused many people to realize that the need to relocate for a better-paying position could easily become a reality. Relocating is far more difficult when you have to negotiate with a landlord to terminate a lease or put your house on the market and hope for a quick sale. These things are not a problem when your RV is your home, because you can easily pack up at a moment’s notice to take advantage of whatever opportunities arise.

#3. Saves Time

Your busy schedule probably leaves little time for performing home repairs or doing yard work. Fortunately, these are things that full-time RV residents don’t have to worry about. Recreational vehicles require far less maintenance than a home would, and you also have the added advantage of groundskeepers where ever you go. RVs are surprisingly easy to keep clean, so even the amount of housework that’s required will be minimal.

#4. Conducive to a Minimalist Lifestyle

RVs contain just enough space for you and your essentials. While some do have room for extras, the amount of space you can fill with useless junk is nonetheless very limited. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as a minimalist lifestyle will help you avoid having “things” take over your life. You’ll have less cleaning to do, and will not be tempted to purchase things you really don’t need or can’t afford.

#5. Enjoy the Outdoors More

There’s something about living in an RV that makes it more likely that you will spend time outdoors. Whether it’s cooking most of your meals on a grill, or sitting around an open campfire after the sun goes down, the odds of you enjoying nature are much greater. In the long run, this can give you greater peace of mind because you are better able to relax and unwind.

#6. Enjoy new Experiences

Living in an RV will provide you with an opportunity to associate with people from all walks of life, many of whom you might not have met otherwise. It also gives you greater opportunities for traveling in your spare time, since all you have to do is pack up and go.

One thing that will make full-time RV living much nicer is the right lighting, and that is where we come in. Simply plug in the Camperlite adaptor, and you can easily convert your vehicle’s running lights into patio or night lights, increasing visibility and allowing you to spend extended time outdoors. To find out more,contact us.

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