College Football Tailgating

The college football season is underway. Millions of fans across the country will gather for the pre-game ritual known as tailgating. I suppose “tailgating” got its name from fans dropping their car and truck tailgates for places to sit and place food. I remember years ago that it was just that elaborate. A few tables and lawn chairs but the comfort level was very low.

Today, the tailgating event has evolved into almost a bigger attraction than the game itself (especially if your team is not having a good season). I know some colleges complain that the tailgating is so good that many fans show up late and leave early for the games. Some people (I am not sure I will call them fans) just go to the tailgating party and do not even go to the games. Tailgates have been replaced with campers, RV’s, and tailgating trailers decked out in big screen TV’s, bars, and all the luxuries of home. Just when you think that you have perfected your tailgating experience, someone else has “one upped” you.

This weekend, the CamperLite team attended the tailgating event in Oxford, OH on the campus of Miami University as they played the Thundering Herd from Marshall University. The parking lot reserved for RV’s and campers was sold out so we had to set up in the RV overflow lot. The visitors from West Virginia were well represented. The lot was just about full Friday evening despite the game beginning at 3:30 pm Saturday.

While this weekend’s event in Oxford, OH does not measure up to the spectacle of a NASCAR race at Talladega or Bristol (or even the bigger college or pro football venues), it does show that the use of campers and RV’s for non-traditional camping events is growing fast. Camping enthusiasts are not buying expensive campers just to park them in the woods anymore. This is good news for camper sales and manufacturers. Some of those tailgaters that we met this weekend without campers will soon be shopping for their next improvement in their family’s tailgating experience.

We had many fans stop by our camper, a 35 foot travel trailer, drooling over our tailgating setup. We do have it good. Likewise, as we walk around and meet folks in the RV lot, we toured a brand new 40+ foot Class A complete with a full size fridge, ice maker, king sized bed, etc. I started to imagine the CamperLite road show in that rig. For now, we feel blessed to get to experience the fun in our travel trailer.

The best part of these events is always meeting new people from all around the country. This weekend, I want to say “hi” and thanks to all of the folks that purchased a CamperLite adapter and everyone we met from Marshall University.

Great camping!

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