How to install the CamperLite trailer light adapter

Installing the CamperLite trailer light adapter is super simple. Just take your standard 7-way trailer harness and unplug it from your bumper socket. Then plug it into the CamperLite trailer light adapter when ready and watch those lights shine. If you use a 4 pin harness you will need a 7-way adapter to fit into the CamperLite system.

Does the Trailer Light Adapter fit any Trailer Harness?

As long as you have the 7-way adapter you shouldn’t have any problem. You literally just plug it in, it’s that simple for anyone to do. If it doesn’t go in easily then just wiggle it a bit until it settles. Check your pins to make sure none of them are tweaked out of place if it still won’t go.

Be sure to keep your CamperLite in your RV when not in use, so that you don’t go on your next trip and forget to take it.

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