How to Make Your RV Tailgate-Ready This Football Season

Now that football season has descended upon us, you might be planning on using your RV more than ever. Whether you are planning on traveling to away games or are just going to use your RV as a hangout spot while you are tailgating outside of your team’s games, you probably want to ensure that your recreational vehicle is ready. Luckily, taking these steps on Camper Lighting should help you be better prepared for football season.

Install More Camper Lighting

You are going to need more lighting now that the sun is going down earlier and earlier, especially for late-night tailgate parties. Consider installing camper lights on the outside of your camper so that you will have plenty of lighting.

Also, consider other lighting options. You can string colored lights in your team’s favorite colors around your camper for a touch of team spirit, for example. Now is also a great time to stock up on citronella candles, tiki torches and lanterns, since many stores are putting them on sale during their after-summer sales. These will provide ample lighting and will even help keep the bugs away while you’re tailgating.

Check Your Fridge

If you haven’t used your camper fridge all year long, check it to make sure that it is working. You don’t want to find out that it’s no longer working when you’re at the big game and looking for a cold, frosty beverage! Now might be a good time to take advantage of after-summer sales to stock up on coolers as well; then, you’ll have extra cooling power while you’re at your home stadium.

Install an Antenna

If you’re a big football fan, you might be interested in keeping an eye on the other games while you are tailgating. Luckily, installing an antenna on the top of your RV can be a great option. Then, you’ll get better reception if you want to watch other games. Also, make sure that you have a portable TV that you can bring along with you!

Stock Your Kitchen

If you want to be game-time ready all the time, you should go ahead and stock up your RV’s kitchen for football season! You might not want to stock up on perishables if you won’t be keeping power to your RV in-between games, but it’s not a bad idea to stock up on other things, like chips, dips that don’t need to be refrigerated, unopened condiments for hot dogs and burgers, sodas, beer and other essentials. Don’t forget the garbage bags, charcoal, disposable plates, disposable cups and napkins, either! Then, when you’re ready to hit up a game, you’ll simply need to grab your refrigerated needs and can head off right away!

Buy a Grill

Having a good grill is a necessity for football season. Now is a great time to pick one up, since many stores are putting them on sale now that the summer has ended. Make sure that you choose one that will be large enough to grill out for your whole crowd but that you can easily transport from game to game. Also, don’t forget the necessities, like a gas tank or charcoal, lighter fluid and grilling tools!

Install an Awning

If your RV doesn’t have an awning, now is a great time to install one. This will help shield you from the sun and will give a great gathering place for hanging out with other football fans!

If tailgating is one of your favorite activities, you probably want to bring your RV along. Luckily, if you contact us for camper lights and follow these other tips, your RV is sure to be ready for football season!

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