RV Awning Lights

With camping season nearing it’s full fledged crescendo, you’ve probably already used your RV or have a trip planned. And of course you’ve run all of the necessary checks to make sure you don’t leave the house with any pre-existing issues. One of the more common problems is replacing your RV awning lights. Having a well-lit campsite is very important, especially if you prefer to camp in areas that are wooded, have uneven ground, or a wide variety of wildlife. With all of your RV awning lights functioning well, you can avoid several potential disasters.

Light up All of Your RV Awning Lights

If you’ve ever wondered how to light up your entire set of RV awning lights at the same time, you should check out the Camperlite Adapter. This adapter simply plugs in to where your existing standard 7 way trailer harness connects to your bumper socket. Just remove the harness, and plug in the Camperlite Adapter. It’s really that simple. Now you can see where your walking and avoid a trip ending ankle or knee injury. And with more light, you can enjoy evening campground activities such as games or reading, and other family fun events. Not to mention, you won’t step on that snake that happened to be passing through at night!

Make your campground safer and brighter with just one simple gadget. Look like a camping wizard, and be the hero of your next adventure with the easily installed and safe Camperlite Adapter.

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