RV Lights for Outside Brightening

Do you like to save time? Of course, you do. I’m sure you probably like saving money too. What if you could do both, with one adapter that lights up all of your RV lights for outside?  Plus a suggestion that you should be doing (if you haven’t already) that will save you a lot of money in the long run, while also generating more light.

Engage and Improve all of Your RV Lights for Outside 

The first thing you should do is switch to LED lights. This will be a little more expensive at the initial time of purchase, but the benefits are plentiful.

First, the longevity is up to 40 times longer for LED’s compared to incandescent bulbs, and six or seven times greater than compact fluorescents. So, even if you’re paying up to twice as much compared to the cost of fluorescent (again, nearly ten times as much for bulbs), you’re still saving close to five times what you would spend in the long run. 

Second, when LED lights burn out, they don’t all burn out at once. So even though an LED bulb might go out, there’s plenty more to pick up the slack, unlike a bulb which is done completely when it expires.

Third, LED’s require far less wattage in order to light. This means you save money on electric bills, and also reduce greenhouse emissions from the factories that produce bulbs. The CO2 emissions from LED’s are less than half that of fluorescent and nearly ten times less than bulbs.

A couple of final pointers for the LED argument are that they don’t contain the toxic chemical mercury, which is found in fluorescent lights. Additionally, LED lights are not sensitive to temperatures, so they won’t burn out from excessive heat or cold.

Light up Everything at Once

Want to be able to light all of your RV lights for outside in one shot? Instead of going from the switch to switch to turn them off and on when you need to light up your camping space? The answer is simple. Just get a Camperlite adapter that fits snugly over your wiring harness (to prevent water or other contaminants from getting in) and you’re done. Anyone can do it, it’s that simple. Be safe at your next destination by having complete lighting on your trailer or RV.

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