Tips for Choosing Interior LED RV Lighting

Many RV enthusiasts are upgrading their interior lighting to LED lights. There are several reasons people choose this type of upgrade. If you are considering new interior lighting, it is helpful to understand what LED lights have to offer. Here we will take a closer look at these lights and provide tips for choosing the correct lighting to fit your needs. Your interior RV Lighting is a vital part of your camping and traveling experience. Take some time to research and determine what is best for your particular circumstances.

RV Lighting: What is LED?

LED means light-emitting diode. These lights are not new. In fact,they have been available for decades. However, they have only recently become affordable and durable enough for practical use. In recent years, their popularity has greatly increased among RV owners. These lights provide a bright, rich illumination without consuming large quantities of electricity. They are considered safer than traditional bulbs because they do not get hot, creating a fire hazard or the potential to burn skin.

Why consider LED?

RV owners understand the importance of keeping electrical usage low. Depending on where and how you camp, these costs can be quite high. Low wattage LED lights consume very little energy. They provide hours of illumination without draining your battery or solar reserve.

Many recreational vehicles use fluorescent or halogen lights in the interior. This type of RV lighting often makes things appear distorted, giving a yellow or green hue to the environment. Halogen lights get very hot and over time can burn your fixture or ceiling. If you like fluorescent type light fixtures, you can find LED tube lighting to fit these fixtures. LED lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit nearly any fixture. However, you may prefer to install all new fixtures for your new LED lights.

Choosing the right LED interior lights:

Examine your current bulb. Look at the base. See if it has a single or a pair of filaments. Make note of any numbers on the light fixture and bulb. Now you have all of the information to choose the correct LED bulb. A simple conversion chart will typically be provided by those who sell LED lights.

Choosing the right type of illumination is also important. This greatly affects the appearance of your environment. There are three basic types. Understanding the differences will help you determine which is best for you.

  • Natural light – This is intended to feel like sunlight.
  • Cool light – This is typically the brightest light and appears the most white.
  • Warm light – This provides a more gentle illumination and a traditional interior color.

Just like anything else, the quality of LED lights varies greatly. Make sure you purchase high-quality components. It is helpful to read reviews and choose the best product that fits within your budget.

Finally, make sure the light is designed specifically for RV use. This includes checking the voltage to ensure it is correct for an RV. Typically, this is 10 to 30. Aluminum heat sinks provide for longer RV life, so this is something you may want to consider as well.

Upgrading to LED interior lighting for your RV is not a difficult task. It is simply a matter of understanding your needs and choosing the right components. Many RV enthusiasts are making this upgrade. The benefits are numerous. Your interior RV lighting has a huge impact on your experience. The best way to determine if LED lights are right for you is to speak with other RV owners who have made the upgrade. Get their thoughts and opinions, and ask any questions you may have. This will provide you with the most relevant and honest information.

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