Why you Should Modernize Your Camper Lights

If you own a trailer or RV, you probably know by now that the number one issue with them is electrical problems. And this can be a serious headache, especially if you’re on the road. When your camper lightsor RV lights fail, it can not only be a problem for something as obvious as darkness, but can be a legal issue as well due to the safety of your vehicle without properly functioning camper lights. So here is a couple pointers to help prevent future problems, as well as equipping your camper or trailer with lights designed to be more durable and long lasting.

One System for Your Camper Lights

By bringing your electrical system up to date with recent technological advances, you’ll benefit from having fewer troubles, less downtime, and greater duration from your camper lights. These updates should include lamps designed to use lower amperage, sealed wiring, and connectors that are resistant to corrosion and water. Using LED lighting in place of bulbs should also be a priority, as they have proven to be more durable, last longer and provide better lighting.

More About LED Lighting

Did you know that LED’s last almost ten times longer than bulbs, while also using only a tenth of the current? So it makes exponential sense to make the transition, if you haven’t already. Also, LED lights use multiple diodes that each transmit light, which means if one or several fail, the lamp still functions. Oftentimes, when one burns out, the other diodes actually become brighter. So, with some light still being emitted despite a few failures, the lamp still functions, and is considered legal for roadways, where a bulb would simply burn out and cease to function altogether. The standard measurement for acceptable lighting is for the light to be visible at 500 feet. This might be discretionary if you are ever stopped, but it’s a good guideline to follow.

With these modern camper lights, or RV lights and electrical parts in place, you should have far less to worry about as it pertains to traveling the roadways, as well as when you need to light up your camping spot or other destination. For more simplified lighting ideas, check out the camper light adapter that makes lighting simple and easy.

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