Winterizing Your RV and Camper Lights

Now that winter is upon us, it becomes crucial to make sure your RV and camper lights are working properly. Road hazards are plentiful at this time of the year. Between bad road conditions and the abundance of holiday travelers on the road, safety is paramount for your family’s sake. Here are a few ideas to help you lessen the risks of driving your RV or camper in the wintertime.

RV and Camper Lights Suggestions

Here are a few tips for keeping your RV and camper lights in good working order for the wintertime:

  • Brake Lights: Make sure that your brake lights all work, including the upper and lower lamps. Replace any bulbs that are burnt out, or that are dimly lit. If you haven’t already switched to LED’s, this is the time to do so, since they last up to ten times longer, and don’t overheat or freeze. Plus they generate more light, even when an LED burns out, due to redistribution of light among functioning bulbs.
  • Side Marker Lights: These need to all be working to keep you safe, especially at night and in poor weather conditions when it can be difficult to be seen by a vehicle traveling alongside you or passing.
  • Trailer Lights: I’m sure I’m not alone in seeing countless times where a trailer is missing some or even all of its lights. Aside from being illegal and nearly certain to gain you a ticket, it’s also hazardous to other drivers, which in turn is also dangerous to you. Be sure that these lights are bright and functioning before you go on your trip.
  • Turn Signals: Be sure that they’re actually blinking and not just lit, and be sure they’re working for both sides, front and back.

Of all the things to remember while traveling in difficult winter weather, your RV and camper lights might be the easiest to check and even fix. However, it seems to me, just from traveling the roadways myself, that this is an often overlooked or neglected part of safe travel. Don’t let a simple problem become a disaster!

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