Bright Ideas for RV Lights and LEDs

31st Oct 2021

If you really want to enjoy your time and space within your RV, then there certainly should be an emphasis placed on having RV lightsthat are both bright and luminescent. Additionally, having a design idea in mind that improves functionality can make your camper or RV even more appealing. For example, if your RV is still using bulb lighting instead of LEDs, you’re not only draining your battery faster, but you also get less light, and far less longevity. Here’s a couple more ideas to make your road trips even better and brighter.

Strip RV Lights

If you’ve ever purchased fluorescent lights, then you’ll know the difference between the two options you have here. Cool white, or warm white. Each one shines light a little differently, but the choice is ultimately yours of course. There are both waterproof outdoor LED strip lights, as well as the regular indoor type. In some instances, you may be better served to use the waterproof lights exclusively, depending on the conditions you live or travel in, as well as eliminating concerns about water contact altogether.

RV Lights for the Kitchen Counter

Using the strip lights to light up your kitchen area is simply a fantastic idea. Not only will it brighten your kitchen space, but you’ll actually be able to see what you’re doing, and what you’re cooking! If you’ve suffered through a dark kitchen area before, then you completely understand how frustrating this can be. Find a space, perhaps under the cabinets, to run the strip lights, include an on/off switch, and voila, you get to see what you’re eating!

Bathroom RV Lighting

Many of the camper or RV lights in the restroom are just a dim bulb, which doesn’t really offer the amount of light that most of us might prefer while we’re using the bathroom. A great idea is to run LEDs under the shelf above the toilet, or wherever such a lighting arrangement is practical within your bathroom space. This will dramatically improve the lighting, as well as be aesthetically more pleasing, and last about ten times longer.

Romantic Dinner Lights

If you can find some circuits to tap into, and you have a little knowledge with wiring strip lights, you can mount lights over your dining table, or wherever is practical. These lights can also be beneficial for reading, writing, crafting, or whatever you need it for. But best of all, if you add a dimmer switch, you can create LED candlelight, for a romantic dinner within the great outdoors. Just add wine and a special someone to share it with.

With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can transform your camper or RV into a wonderful space, with something as simple as some well placed RV lights. For more ways to simplify and improve your experience in the outdoors and on the road, check out and make your next trip amazing!