How can I make my camper lights stay on?

How can I make my camper lights stay on?

31st Oct 2021

We’ve all been there and asked ourselves “How can I make my camper lights stay on?” You’re sitting there at the campsite in the dark thinking there’s got to be a better way to light this place up a bit. And then you look over at your camper and notice all your running lights sitting there wanting to shine some light and guide your way. The great thing about running lights is they’re already wired and they are all the way around your rig. If only there was a way to turn them on, then you could have light all over and give yourself a little privacy.

All you Need for Your Camper Lights is a Trailer Light Adapter!

Any rig with a standard wiring harness can use the Camperlite. Just unplug from your bumper outlet and plug in the Camperlite to turn those babies on. Time to spiral cut some weiners and cook up some dogs! Not to mention a safe campsite for the whole family to enjoy, where you can see where you’re walking, and what’s on the ground in front of you.

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