How do I keep my RV marker lights on while parked?

How do I keep my RV marker lights on while parked?

31st Oct 2021

Looking to keep those RV marker lights on while parked? Well if you pull your RV behind a truck and use a standard wiring harness to turn on your running lights, we have an answer for you. The Camperlite trailer light adapter plugs into any standard 7 pin brake / running light harness. Just unplug it from your bumper jack and plug it into the Camperlite to turn on all of your RV marker lights, safely and easily.

Light up Your RV Marker Lights Safe and Easy

This is a great way to light up the campsite and provide a little extra security from any lurkers getting a little too close. Plus, it helps prevent falls or twisted ankles by lighting up rocks or potholes you might otherwise have never seen. You don’t need to drill any holes or buy any expensive lighting equipment. Just use the lights you already have built in, by plugging in the CamperLite today!

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