How do trailer light adapters work?

How do trailer light adapters work?

31st Oct 2021

There are lots of different trailer light adapters out there but there’s only one CamperLite. If you’re looking for a trailer light adapter to turn on your trailer running lights and provide some extra light around the camp, then look no further. Keep your family and yourself safe from harm, and have more fun when you need light at night.

How Does the Trailer Light Adapter work?

With the CamperLite adapter, you just take the wiring harness you normally plug into your bumper and plug it into our adapter instead. This turns on all your running lights to provide you with some 360 degree lighting protection from the lurkers. Your running lights are bright enough to see, but not so bright that they annoy. This makes them the perfect way to get just a little extra light where you need it.

Need some extra light around your rig? Check out the CamperLite trailer light adapter today!