How to wire CamperLite trailer light adapter?

How to wire CamperLite trailer light adapter?

31st Oct 2021

OK, that’s a trick question. There IS NO WIRING NEEDED for the CamperLite trailer light adapter. It just plugs into any 7 way trailer harness. Just unplug from your bumper wiring mount and plug into the CamperLite. Nothing more to do. Easy enough for anyone to just plug this trailer light adapter in and enjoy.

Light up Your Life with this Trailer Light Adapter

Whenever your wiring harness is plugged into the CamperLite, your running lights will turn on and light up the world. Complete lighting around your RV or camper when you or your family need it for safety, or for fun. Now your evenings don’t have to be dark if you don’t want them to be.

Next time you’re cooking burgers around the campfire, scouting for wood, worried about snakes or something in the dark, enjoy some extra lighting provided by your new CamperLite RV light adapter.

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