Party-Friendly RV Lights and Options to Use at the Campground

31st Oct 2021

If you’re like many people, you might enjoy grilling out and hanging out outside when you’re camping in the campground. Some campgrounds aren’t very well-lit, but there are lots of great RV lights and options that can improve visibility. These are a few party-friendly lighting options that you can use at the RV campground.

Have RV Lights Installed on Your Camper

RV lighting that is installed on your RV can be very handy if you want to enjoy maximum lighting without having to set it up yourself. For example, CamperLite can help you by installing lighting on your RV. Then, you can easily flip the lights on when you want to improve visibility, such as when you’re hanging out outside of your RV at the campground.

Use Tiki Torches

One great way to light up the night when you’re at a campground is to use tiki torches. Tiki torches are affordable and can be purchased at your average mass market retail store. You can fill them up with a special fluid that will allow you to light them. Then, along with adding a fun, party-friendly vibe and a bit of lighting, they can even keep bugs at bay if you opt for a fluid that includes citronella. This can make your campground nights even more pleasant!

Use a Fire Pit

Have you ever thought about investing in a fire pit? Many people associate them with being used at home, but they can be a great improvement to your campsite as well. They come in all different sizes and price ranges and are great for giving off a glow. Plus, you can use your fire pit to grill hot dogs and marshmallows. Just make sure that you get rid of any hot coals before transporting your fire pit, and spray it out so that you don’t get soot in your RV.

Set Up Solar Lights

Solar lights aren’t just for your walkway at home. They’re small and easy to transport, and they don’t cost much, so they’re also great for camping. Just remember to set them up during the day so that they can get some solar “juice.” Then, when it starts to get dark, your campsite will become illuminated with a nice glow.

Hang Up Holiday Lights

Holiday lights aren’t just for your Christmas tree. Grab a set on sale during the holiday season and string them around your RV. They will add an instant appeal to your campsite, and they won’t cost much. To make things exciting, you can get multi-colored lights or lights all in one favorite color.

On a similar token, you can also try adding party lights to the outside of your RV. A nice set of party lights with bulb covers that are shaped in fun shapes can add a really fun vibe. You can usually find strings of party lights online or in mass market retail stores. They can be a bit more expensive than regular holiday lights, but they can be a great addition if you really want to add to the party atmosphere.

As you can see, there are a lot of party-friendly lighting options that you ca implement when you’re camping out with your RV. If you want to light up the night and add a fun vibe to your camping experience, give one, a few or all of these ideas a try.