Where to buy CamperLite Trailer Light Adapter?

Where to buy CamperLite Trailer Light Adapter?

31st Oct 2021

Have you been wondering how other people get their camper lights to light up all at once? Have you wondered what it would take to be able to get entire RV lighting, with one simple adapter? Well, you’ve come to the place that will answer that question. With a CamperLite Trailer Light Adapter, you can now light up the night at your campsite or RV Park. It’s quick and easy too!

What is a CamperLite Trailer Light Adapter?

This easy to install RV light adapter consists of the following:

* Constructed from heavy-duty PVC 70C material and zinc plated terminals
* Designed to last a lifetime
* Measures 1 1/4″ in diameter & 1″ deep
* Works on all 7-pin trailer harnesses
* Snug fit keeps the electrical connection safe from water

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