PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger - Solar Lanter and Phone Charger - 300 Lumens


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  1. Boosted phone charging
          We upped the battery to 4000 mAh battery to give the Hero Supercharger double the power to charge your devices. Now, get up to 2-3 full phone recharges on a single charge, depending on the your type of phone.
  2. Even more light
          Sometimes bright isn’t enough; you need brighter. So we upped the max illumination to 300 lumens -- twice as bright as our other lights. This means up to 300sqft of lighting area with one lamp. Illuminate your camping tent, and then some! 
  3. Upgraded emergency alert
          Instead of flashing mode, the Hero transitioned to an SOS mode that flashes the international sign for help. The upgraded battery means that this can last for up to 100+ hours (4+ days) on a single charge.
  4. Strap designed for the most challenging locations
          Wild outdoor adventures can mean dirt, snow, swinging from cliffs, and pushing through underbrush. Our new thick lycra strap with velcro fastening is designed to hold tight no matter the challenge.
  5. More versatile carrying
           In addition to the new velcro lycra strap, we’ve included two carabiner loops to make hanging and carrying easier however you’re using it.
  6. Easy-to-find power button when it’s needed most
          New glow-in-the-dark printing around the power and battery buttons mean no fumbling around when all you need is a light. One of our most-requested features!
  7. Upgraded solar panels
          With an even larger battery, you need more efficient charging than ever before. So we integrated Sunpower solar panels, the most powerful of their kind on the market. 
  8. Compact as ever
          A device as useful as this has to be ultraportable. So we made it more powerful, without making it less compact. Still 6"x6", and packs flat to 1" thick. A solar charger perfect for camping, hiking, kayaking, emergency prep..wherever light is needed!