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CamperLite works just like your camper's interior 12-volt lights, using any available power from a connected energy source, to turn your camper's running lights into patio or night lights.


RV LED Lights for Camping

Are you tired of constantly replacing burned out bulbs on your RV? Not only is it a hassle, but if several of them are out, it could become a road hazard and even lead to a ticket from law enforcement. If you haven't already made the switch to RV LED lights, you should consider doing [...]

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RV Awning Lights

With camping season nearing it's full fledged crescendo, you've probably already used your RV or have a trip planned. And of course you've run all of the necessary checks to make sure you don't leave the house with any pre-existing issues. One of the more common problems is replacing your RV awning lights. Having a [...]

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Why LED Trailer Lights Make so Much Sense

If you haven't discovered them already, the LED trailer light revolution is in full swing. The usefulness of incandescent lights is completely overwhelmed by the overall practicality of LED trailer lights. Not to mention the fact that in the long run, they are less expensive as well. Here's a few reasons why they make sense:LED Trailer [...]

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RV and Trailer Lights Can Help Turn Your RV Into a Home

People decide to buy mobile homes and RVs for different reasons. Some people are entering a stage in life, for example a retired couple entering their third act, and want to explore the country in style. Others are young families who want to spend some quality time together before the kids leave. [...]

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8 Security Tips for Safer RV Living

When you first immerse yourself in the world of RV living, everything is exciting. The people you meet on the road are all fascinating and friendly, and the campsites are so comfortable they take you back to a bygone era where everyone knew their neighbors. Unfortunately, when you're on the road and having adventures, it's easy [...]

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Bright Ideas for RV Lights and LEDs

If you really want to enjoy your time and space within your RV, then there certainly should be an emphasis placed on having RV lights that are both bright and luminescent. Additionally, having a design idea in mind that improves functionality can make your camper or RV even more appealing. For example, if your RV [...]

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6 Ways Camper Lights Make Your Trip Safe And Fun

Camper lights can turn an ordinary camper into a tasteful indoor and outdoor living space. We have all seen and coveted those RVs sporting running lights that also function as patio lights or party lights. It turns out style isn't the only reason for investing. These features also improve safety on your trip. 1. Fun All [...]

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Why you Should Modernize Your Camper Lights

If you own a trailer or RV, you probably know by now that the number one issue with them is electrical problems. And this can be a serious headache, especially if you're on the road. When your camper lights or RV lights fail, it can not only be a problem for something as obvious as [...]

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Advantages of Full-Time RV Living

According to a recent article in Business West, there has been a surge in RV sales recently. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) also reports that more than 365,000 RV shipments are expected for 2015. In the past, RV buyers were primarily senior citizens who wished to travel during their retirement years; however, more [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your RV Experience Night and Day!

Owning an RV is a dream many people have, many of which have made it a reality. Whether you are the occasional weekend camper, or the full-timer looking to make it solo, getting the most out of your RV experience is something everybody wants.There are many things you need to consider before beginning your RV [...]

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