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CamperLite works just like your camper's interior 12-volt lights, using any available power from a connected energy source, to turn your camper's running lights into patio or night lights.


7 Safety Tips for Trailer Towing - Inspection, Trailer Lights and Maintenance

When you're out on the road with your trailer, it is important that you take the proper steps to keep yourself, and everyone else on the road safe. Maintenance is the most important step for a successful trailer towing trip. Before you head out with your trailer there are a few different safety requirements that [...]

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Extend Your Nighttime Activities with Outdoor RV Lighting

Although you may take advantage of the amount of sunlight that you receive to enjoy various activities throughout the day, you should not feel obligated to bring the activities to a halt once it gets dark. While it is not hard to equip your RV with lights that you can take outside and use to [...]

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Enjoy Traveling RV Comfort This Holiday Season

If you have a love for traveling, you might stay on the road in your Traveling RV all year long. Although you might enjoy spending the holidays traveling all over the country and seeing all of the sights, however, you might not feel at home when you're out on the road during this special time. [...]

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Party-Friendly RV Lights and Options to Use at the Campground

If you're like many people, you might enjoy grilling out and hanging out outside when you're camping in the campground. Some campgrounds aren't very well-lit, but there are lots of great RV lights and options that can improve visibility. These are a few party-friendly lighting options that you can use at the RV campground.Have RV [...]

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Camper Light That can Help you Make the Most of Autumn Outings

Autumn is a time when many people enjoy RV camping the most because of the crisp temperatures and brilliant leaves that are abundant in many areas. When using your RV in fall, it’s important to have the right camper light if you are to make the most of your outing. Here are a few ways [...]

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Tips for Choosing Interior LED RV Lighting

Many RV enthusiasts are upgrading their interior lighting to LED lights. There are several reasons people choose this type of upgrade. If you are considering new interior lighting, it is helpful to understand what LED lights have to offer. Here we will take a closer look at these lights and provide tips for choosing the [...]

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How to Make Your RV Tailgate-Ready This Football Season

Now that football season has descended upon us, you might be planning on using your RV more than ever. Whether you are planning on traveling to away games or are just going to use your RV as a hangout spot while you are tailgating outside of your team's games, you probably want to ensure that [...]

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Ensuring Your Camper Lights Stay On the Whole Trip

The greatest thing about using an RV or camper to "rough" it in the wilderness is the use of comforting camper lights. Unfortunately, this advantage can quickly disappear if you don't follow these simple guidelines. They will ensure your trip doesn't end up in the dark.How to Improve Your Camper Lights Effectiveness Testing and Installing Your [...]

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The Benefits of LED Trailer Lights

LED lighting has become extremely popular in recent years as a way to reduce energy consumption in one’s home. This has likely lead RV owners to wonder if they should consider switching the light bulbs inside, as well as outside, of their trailer from traditional incandescent bulbs to energy-saving LED bulbs. When considering LED light [...]

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Best Labor Day Light Shows & Attractive RV Destinations

RV enthusiasts across the country may assume that the Fourth of July is the best and perhaps the only, chance to see some really terrific fireworks and other awesome nighttime light shows. But just because it's the end of the summer travel season doesn't mean there's not some spectacular shows to be seen across this [...]

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